Aerial    Rigging    Circus    Theatrical    Technician


Complete Performer Support


From specialist circus rigging to soundtrack composition, sound and light to production management.

Topher's technical and organizational expertise hasbeen developed over a lifetime of performing arts experience (music, physical theatre, circus) as well as 20 years as a rock climber and a Doctoral degree. He is a qualified Aerial Performance Rigger, certifying him to legally rig/work at height, perform rescues and use lifting equipment. He has integrated his mountain rope-craft and specialist safety skills with circus and theatre techniques to rig aerial equipment and audiovisual hardware in a wide range of venues, including big tops, theatres and trapeze studios, and bespoke installations from Covent Garden to Scottish forests.

He can provide technical support for stage lighting and sound, aerial rig hire, and (as anonymi) produce bespoke soundtracks for theatre and circus.

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